Sports massage therapist based in Newmarket

Effective Massage and sports-specific treatments to cater to a range of abilities, lifestyles and ages
  • Combination therapy (both massage and cupping)
  • Massages to help with pain reduction and tension
  • Help identify injuries and aid recovery
  • Postural assessment
  • Dry cupping
  • Home visits
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Sports Massage

Sports massage that targets muscular tension, pain and gets you moving towards better health and mobility - all available at fantastic prices. My treatments are available to atheletes and the general public alike and I always stress the importance of getting a massage done to take care of yourself now and later in life. Why not come in for a session and feel the difference a proper treatment can make?

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Dry Cupping

I am qualified to carry out Myofascial dry cupping which looks like a hellish treatment, but it is honestly it's a proven way of increasing blood flow to specific areas which can then act as a start point for treatment and re-gaining suppleness.

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Client Reviews

Genuine reviews from my clients - references always available!